Markandey Singh

Mobile: +91-9535422404


I am a B.Tech Computer Science graduate with software proficiency especially in C/C++/JavaScript. I have more than 5 years of experience in software development. My strengths as a programmer are


B. Tech - Computer Science and Engineering (June 2002 - May 2006)
SASTRA (Deemed University), Thanjavur
CGPA: 8.68


Languages: C/C++, JavaScript, C#.Net, Visual basic, Java (core) and Python.
Technology: HTML(5), CSS, .Net Framework, MFC, jQuery, YUI.
Platforms: Linux, Windows NT/2000/Xp


Yahoo (July 2012 - Current) as Senior Software Engineer

ReInvented YDN's forum and produced best possible User Experience on Yahoo's UGC APIs. Created best in class search box, Markdown editor, and secure forum for YDN.

Created HackTrackr using Mojito in 10 Days.

Yahoo (March 2011 - June 2012) as Senior Software Engineer

Working as Senior Software Engineer on Yahoo Site Solutions(YSS) which is in browser app to create and update website. App covers various Editing/SEO/and page management aspect of website designing. I worked on mobile adaptation of YSS site, designed DragDrop feature of widget implementation, and recently wrote an API to detect javaScript in HTML code.

Qualcomm India Private ltd. (May 2008 - March 2011) as Senior Software Engineer

I was part of audio tools team which specializes itself in desktop and phone side tools development. I have designed and developed various module and tools using C/C++/ C#. I have also learned technology like XML and COM.
I have solved various challenges like "Parsing C code to get XML", "Serializing tree data structure, which can be loaded back into memory again without significant De-Serialization complexity" & "Efficiency fuzzy string matching, to get mapping of variable name coded by different people."

Wipro Technologies (June 2006 - May 2008) as Project Engineer

I was primarily into the development of import & export library for vObjects in mobile phones. The library is built in C language and uses Toshiba proprietary framework APIs. Library deals with conversion of PIM data (in mobile phone) into vObject format defined by IRMC. During working for this team I have developed distributed compilation tool to speed up day to day build and release process. I have also developed several other tools to automate the processes; one of the significant contributions was MemCalc Tool for Memory Usage Estimation.


Got Published my paper 'Optical Character Recognition for Printed Tamil text using Unicode' in SCIENCE Journal of Zhejiang University, China.


C2XML Parser

This is simple regular expression based parser to transform data represented in C to an XML. We can represent almost any kind of data in form of C structure initializers. The main challenge in writing this parser was to keep the 'Conditional preprocessor directives' intact.

Tool for Distributed Compilation

It was a wrapper over ARM TCC compiler that enables the distribution of compilation process. I worked on it for a month as an experimental project and implemented this for win32 platform,in C.

User Authentication based on Keyboard Latency

It was a paper describing how user authentication can be augmented based on the typing habit of user. This project was selected for presentation in Intel India Student Research Contest-2005. A working prototype was implemented in

Tamil OCR

It was OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software for printed Tamil Text. It was a Research Project, for digital library of TIFAC-CORE at SASTRA. Implementation was done in, used neural network for machine learning.


This is a tool which I have developed to learn various system/networks related Win32 APIs. This tool was based on various hacking techniques like ping of death attack, SYN flood, UDP flooding, User Session Hijack (On Win32 platform), TCP Stealth Port Scanning etc. Implemented in C++ (MFC), worked for almost a year on this project.